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For regular or one-off tree and hedge care, general tree services, pruning trees and removal of tree stumps we can’t be beaten for our professional service, our speed of delivery and our competitive pricing.

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Common tree and hedge projects we do every week in Oxfordshire

Map of Oxfordshire - our service areaLeaf logoProblems with light due to overgrown trees

We professionally reduce the size of trees and recycle all debris in an enviromentally good way.

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Leaf logoOver grown Leylandii

We professionally reduce both height and width of leylandii and other hedge types.

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Leaf logoGarden Clearances

We clear and remove over run gardens leaving you with a blank canvas.

Leaf logoWorried about tree roots damaging foundations

We carry out a site survey, for free, to establish problems with your trees.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or would like us to come and have a look at a project, please do just drop us a line.

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

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