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2410, 2016

Lleylandii Cutting in Headington

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Lleylandii make can make an excellent hedge or green screen in your garden, but when left, it can take over.

This […]

910, 2016

Oak Removal in Witney

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Oak trees are an iconic part of the British countryside, with a broad and spreading crown that stands proud of […]

910, 2016

Tree Surgery in Witney

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910, 2016

Tree Surgery In Oxford

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610, 2016

Tree Surgery on a Willow in Oxford

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610, 2016

Reducing a sycamore in Beckley

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 Occasionally trees require reducing the crown for both the health of the tree and to prevent it from shadowing a […]

2208, 2016

Silver Birch Reduction in Witney

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Silver Birch are known for their dense, drooping foliage and their paper-like silver bark.
The Silver Birch be very useful for improving […]

1305, 2016

Removing two trees to let light into a new veg garden

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This was a an interesting job.  There were 2 rather scrawny looking trees at the bottom of a garden that […]

1005, 2016

Stopping birds making a mess on cars

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the owner of a garage was having a nightmare.  A customer would leave their clean car for a day to […]

1005, 2016

Reducing an ash tree

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Last week we reduced an ash tree by 30% to make it safe by a house and let in more […]