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Dan has been working with all types of trees and hedges for many years in Oxfordshire.
1712, 2015

Pruning Apple trees in Witney

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Today I was pruning Apple trees in Witney.  If you want a good crop, December, January or February is the […]

1712, 2015

Hedge Work in a private garden in Cogges, Witney

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To day we were in Cogges, Witney.  Carl wanted everything looking neater for Christmas and for the garden still to […]

1512, 2015

Beech hedge reduction in Burcot, Abingdon

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This was a big job and needed doing in August to allow for new growth this season before the frosts.

This […]

1512, 2015

Cutting Logs in Ambrosden, Bicester

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Today we had fun cutting cords of Oak in Ambrosden, near Bicester for logs.

A new Solar Farm has been put […]

1512, 2015

Hedge Cutting in Iffley Village, Oxford

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Today we were cutting hedges in Iffley Village, Oxford.  The customer wanted everything looking neat before Christmas.
Hedge Cutting – What […]

1906, 2015

Removal of ash tree in Carterton

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Today we were in Carterton.  The problem was is was a rented property and the owner didn’t want the worry […]