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More than just a fence substitute, hedges need care like any other plant. We offer a full range of hedge management services be it a trim, a full cut, complete removal or planting the perfect hedge for your garden.

Hedge Reduction

Hedge reduction serviceThe term, hedge reduction is very specific. A hedge reduction is not removing seasonal growth, it is actually reducing the height of the hedge, sometimes by metres and using chainsaws to cut through often thick stems. Conifers are the most obvious hedge that is reduced in this fashion. You may want more light, wires may be getting interfered with or your neighbours may be giving you grief. Whatever the reason we can cope with and hedge reduction.
I must be honest though if there are any birds on nests when we start the job I won’t carry on with the work until they are no longer there.

The great thing about us doing a hedge reduction for you is that hopefully it will make it more manageable for yourself and therefore save you money in the long run

Hedge Removal

Hedge Removal

Hedges are great boundaries, Blackthorn and Hawthorn in particular are reknowed to be great for birds to nest in and give a great harvest for animals if it is a harsh winter. But sometimes hedges need taking out, they’ve either had their day or youv’e decided you want a fence instead. Hedges can be splayed and re-laid and done by an old country man, looks beautiful, I hope to pick this skill up as I go along.

Whatever your reason, we can deal with any type of hedge and anything that might also be hidden underneath it, an old fence and metal posts perhaps. We’ll grub the stumps and anything else for you so that you’re good to go with the next part of your project.


Hedge Planting

Hedge Planting

Hedges are great boundaries, Blackthorn and Hawthorn in particular are reknowed to be great for birds to nest in and give a The exciting and most creative part of this work is planting new trees and hedges. Most trees that we plant in our lifetime will outlive us and be part of generations to come the same is true with hedging, it’s an expression of you.
We’ll gladly help you out here, as with tree planting, Nicholsons Nursery near Duns Tew is my supplier, their stock is second to none.
New whips will need plenty of water and tender loving care in their formative life whilst they get established. So protection from being eaten from deer and other pests is key, early doors,
Whatever the case we’d love to help with this interesting project in your garden


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