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Our Tree Services

We offer an extensive range of professional tree maintenance services throughout Oxfordshire. Regardless of the size of tree or garden we offer advice on the best options available for your circumstance.

Tree Reduction

Tree CrowningEvery tree, especially those in our urban areas such as Oxford and our local towns, tend to require a haircut every once in a while. Be it a trim to let sunshine through, or a whole new style, we will perform reduction services for your tree to keep it healthy and looking great.

Crown Reduction

This process changes the tree’s canopy in a balanced way that reduces the overall size of the top of the tree. Pruning takes place during the reduction, removing deadwood and branches that are potential health-risks to you and the tree, as well as neatening branches to spruce up the canopy leaving it spick-and-span.

Crown Lifting

Here we trim the lower branches of your tree, which is excellent for creating a greater space beneath it and allowing for light to pass through. It can help to balance the ground space in your garden, or just keep those eye-level branches well away from your face.

Tree Removing

Our tree removal servicesWe are fully trained in the removal of felled or dead trees,

and we are equipped with a chipper for branch disposal. We can chip branches and limbs into mulch for use in gardening, or we can chop them up into firewood. We leave everything how it was before we got there, with any leftovers put to good use or cleared away.
So it doesn’t really matter how big or small the job is. Please bear in mind we do charge a minimum of £100.

Tree Planting

Tree PlantingIf you are looking to plant trees, either to act as a barrier or simply because you enjoy to watch them grow, we can provide professional advice and services for planting young trees and saplings. We have helped many homeowners in Oxfordshire choose the best site to plant trees and troubleshoot any terrain or building issues that may affect or be effected by the planting of a new tree. We can supply saplings and young trees as well as planting them correctly.
We always suggest working alongside with Nicholsons Nursery which is near Duns Tew. They are a great bunch, everthything is grown onsite, they give expert advice. Choosing the right tree for the right position is so important, it may look pretty for a few years but if you get it wrong, it could be a very expensive mistake with ongoing surgery being required as well as other problematic issues.

I like to think that for every tree I take down, at least 5 more are being planted in the county.

Tree Surveys

Tree Site Survey

You may be concerned that roots are damaging your paths or buildings.

Maybe you’re worried that a tree is unstable and might fall and cause damage to your or your neighbour’s property.

Give us a call. We will assess the health of your tees and the potential risks they present, giving you advice on how they should be dealt with, the best next step and what action needs to be taken.

Don’t worry – site surveys and advice are free. We’ll give you a no-obligation estimate for any work that needs to be done.

The picture to the right is a house in Witney where the owner needed to know if their trees had a detrimental effect on their house foundations.

Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding service

Stumps are tough and stubborn, but we can and will remove them.

Although the tree may be gone stumps can still be an obstruction and the roots may interfere with nearby buildings or pathways. We use machinery to destroy the roots and stump, which allows for potential replanting of a new tree, and at the least, ensures that the stump won’t be a problem any more. We can also treat stumps to halt any chance of re-growth.

The picture on the right is taken from a house in Oxford where their tree stump had made it impossible to erect a garden fence without compromising on the end result.

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If you have any questions or would like us to come and have a look at a project, please do just drop us a line.

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