In the week we were cutting back trees that belonged to a neighbour to allow more light into the garden of the person we were working for.

Legally, trees over hanging into your garden can be cut back to the boundary but it was better for the trees and the look if we took the pruning cuts back to the stem itself.  In this case, the owner of the trees had a row of conifers and some self seeded Sycamores.  Jill’s garden was suffering as a consequence of having a limiting amount of light and the sap from the trees were falling on her beds and other garden furniture.

Sadly cutting conifers back to the stem looks ugly and brutal but having gone that far back meant we had to go all the way, we don’t like leaving stubbs, target pruning to 45 degrees is the industry best practise.

Jill was really pleased with the amount of light that was let through, it was just what she was looking for.