Tree Surgeon Abingdon

Earlier this summer we were asked by a landlord to do work on a Walnut tree.  We enjoyed doing the work of a tree surgeon in Abingdon.

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Why did this work need a tree surgeon in Abingdon?

Firstly,  tree was shadowing the whole garden, and that of the neighbouring garden.  When in leaf Walnut trees have a very dense canopy and a big leaf, this blocks a lot of light and takes up a lot of space.

Secondly, there was a lot of dead wood in this tree that needed removing.

Thirdly, it needed thinking.  A lot of branches were rubbing on others, like humans when the skin is broken it leads to infection & disease.

Of the Walnut….

The first thing that will attract you to the Walnut is the lovely pale bark.  But this is not the only prize that is on offer.  The nuts are loved by all & it has one of the most prized timbers amongst all trees.

To my amazement there are over 50 species of Walnut trees, around the world, including Pecan & Hickories.  The Walnut delights in a dry, sound and rich land…where it might be protected from the cold.


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