Yesterday we were in Abingdon removing a row of large conifers.  The owner didn’t really want to be spending a few hundred pounds maintaining them every few years, was losing about 10 feet at the end of her garden and losing a lot of light as the sun went down.  I spoke to one of the neighbours, it had gained him an amazing amount of extended light as well

They were again, as with many lines of conifers, they were grown originally to provide a screen and a bit of privacy.  What do you know, in a few years, the line is out of control and completely unmanageable.  The owner had lost over 50 square feet in space which is a huge amount of land.  Not only that, the amount of sun that was being blocked from coming into the garden was incredible and the land around them now has a chance to recover as well.

Access was an issue here, so we were kindly allowed to use the carpark of the community hall at the back of the garden, this made everything a whole lot easier, including the clear up.

Conifers are the oldest trees on this planet and have outlived all other species.  They are good for making screen and creating privacy but pretty rubbish for everything else.  Not even much good to burn as they spit and are full of sap which can cause problems on your chimney.