Today were were pruning an apple tree in Oxford.

This tree hadn’t been pruned for about 3 years, in an ideal world they should be dealt with every other year, this stimulates growth in the end branches and not in the epicormic growth or water shoots.  Cost usually dictates the frequency.  Over 3 years is recommended because if you do to much work on a tree in one year, it may ruin the shape and definately stress the trree, it thinks it needs to put on a lot of growth to survive – this is called epicormiic growth or water shoots.

This apple tree was probably an old orchard tree and therefore rather special, really to big for the garden now and this was another reason why the owner wanted it reduced, so not to annoy the neighbours.  Pruning apple trees should be done in the colder months ie. December, January & February if you want a good fruit, if you are not so concerned about the fruit, then late Autumn is fine.

This tree had lights in it, arose growing through it and had 2 very large scaffold branches, getting rid of the waste was easy, straight through the garage and into the chipper.

Angela was delighted with the shape, the neighbours were pleased it wasn’t hanging over their gardens and the tree is now,as healthy as it can be for its age and stage.

If you would like an apple tree or any other sort of tree pruned, please click on this link