Last week we reduced an ash tree by 30% to make it safe by a house and let in more light.

This tree was let to grow from a sapling on a farm workers house some 20 years ago.  Now it is some 30 ft high and it fairly good healthy.  However there are some some site conditions that were tricky, the main one being that there was a 3 core cable running through the middle of the tree.  Give the fact that we were more than 4 metres from where we were cutting from the HSE suggestion is that it was safe to work on without a shutdown.

We reduced it by 30%, thin it and took the dead wood out.  This will take the weight off the branches, so they don’t snap out and then spoil the look of the tree, we also thinned it to let more light into the garden and the bungalow, it made a huge difference.

The customer was a little suspect to start with but I reassured him that when the buds came into leaf, it would look lovely, I’m pleased to say we were right on this occasion.  He was also delighted to know that ash is good to burn green, so as the summer comes into winter there won’t be a problem as all on throwing it straight on the fire.  Cash back :)

in general ash trees are under attack in this country, they have been suffering form a disease called “Ash die back”.  This is an air borne disease which cant be stopped, the wind will take it where it wants to and could change the landscape as we know it in Britain if it continue to spread as it has done over the last few years.  Basically it is a moth lavae which when the tiny moths hatch, eat and destroy the leaves and therefore the tree cannot photosynthesise, thus causing the tree to fail.  This is tragic but true if it continues to spread, lets hope the wind changes.