the owner of a garage was having a nightmare.  A customer would leave their clean car for a day to be serviced and have its MOT, the work was done and then put in the new, allocated “ready for collection” bay.  But the owner of the garage was getting no end of complaints because where the cars were left had a lot of over hanging branches, birds were sitting on these and making a mess on the cars.  This not only led to upset customers but then more expense because the garage owner needed to pay for someone to clean them.

Firstly we decided to crown lift the stems of what were mostly Ash and Sycamore self seeded tress, we did this to a maximum height but not over balance the trees or spoil the upper canopy.  we then removed the conifer hedging that was sticking out so that the garage owner could use maximum space and the cars didn’t get damaged.  This was done to a height of 2ft above the car height, to allow for re growth.

Because we were working in a busy area, we ashered to Chapter 8 and put out “Tree Working” signs so that people we aware that it was a dangerous area and to keep out.

All the waste was chipped and the area blown.

On this occasion, everyone was more than happy apart from the birds but they will find plenty of other branches to sit on! :)