This was a an interesting job.  There were 2 rather scrawny looking trees at the bottom of a garden that a Polish couple owned.  Quite rightly they were wanting to improve the garden and let more light in to the bottom part of it.  They were already showing the garden love and had built new raised beds, one on he right and one to the bottom left.

One of these trees was a Hawthorn and the other a plum tree.  The dismantle was tricky on  both as the Hawthorn had spikes and the Plum Cherry was over hanging 2 neighbours boundaries.

A lot more came off this than I had expected and the wood from both trees was very heavy and good burning wood, great for the farmer.  I was quite surprised here, 2 full trailers of chip and 2 truck loads of wood.

The customer was amazed at the amount of light that cam through, they noticed it straight away and then had what looked like a much larger garden.