Silver Birch are known for their dense, drooping foliage and their paper-like silver bark.

The Silver Birch be very useful for improving soil quality in garden and can be used to improve soil quality for other plants to grow. Its deep roots bring otherwise inaccessible nutrients into the tree, which are recycled on to the soil surface when the tree sheds its leaves.

Unfortunately the dense, elegant crown of this tree can cause some issues in a domestic garden, blocking sunlight, creating lots of leaf litter and intruding on other features of the garden.

This client required their tree to be reduced and thinned out so that it could allow more sunlight into the garden and lessen the amount of waste the tree was producing.

The birch required careful pruning to preserve the delicate branches, first trimming the drooping foliage away from the ground and then carefully selecting branches to removed to maintain the shape of the tree.

The attentive pruning left the tree with a natural shape yet providing the garden with much needed sunlight, and now the client could use their washing line properly again!

All the waste was carefully removed through the clients garage to be processed and taken away.


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