Oak trees are an iconic part of the British countryside, with a broad and spreading crown that stands proud of any tree line.

But unfortunately this can prove a problem in smaller gardens, casting dark shade across any desired sun spots.

This was the dilemma faced by these clients when deciding to remove this venerable Oak tree so that they could enjoy using their garden to its full potential in the summer sun.

The tree had heavy limbs overhanging several obstacles, including a garden shed and telephone wires, meaning that a careful and delicate approach was needed when it came to dismantling the tree.

Any branches that could cause damage were carefully cut and removed with ropes, ensuring that they were not a hazard.

The remaining limbs were removed for processing, the smaller parts were chipped for removal from the site and the larger parts set aside.

The trunk of the oak was slowly dismantled and brought down to ground level, avoiding the heavy pieces of timber from damaging the garden.

The resulting difference in light into the garden was immediately noticeable, parts of the garden that had not seen summer sun were once again bathed in sunlight much to the delight of the client and his family who could enjoy sitting in the garden sun well into the evening.

As not to put the large Oak to waste, the client chose to keep the timber from the tree for firewood which we processed and split for them, providing plenty of well burning firewood for years to come.


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