Lleylandii make can make an excellent hedge or green screen in your garden, but when left, it can take over.

This is what had happened in this clients garden in Headington.

There were three of the lleylandii that had been left to grow so large they were blocking light and casting shadow, not only in this garden, but in several of the neighbouring gardens.

This meant that the grass and plants were suffering.

Moss was taking over the grass that wasn’t dead and the other plants in the garden were struggling in the shadow of the lleylandii.




Due to the proximity of the trees to a greenhouse and sheds, the trees required to be carefully dismantled with the use of specialised lowering equipment and techniques.

The lleylandii were expertly lowered piece by piece and processed for complete removal by our team.






Once trees were successfully down, the resulting difference in light was fantastic.

This would give the garden a chance to recover to its former glory.



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