Branching out were called to Oxford to reduce 3 Poplar trees to around 20ft. The client was concerned that the trees had become to tall and posed a risk to their business in the event of high winds.

When Poplar grow too tall, they have the potential for branches to snap and fall, running the risk of falling on houses and cars.


Poplars can be hard pruned and will grow back readily because they are a very fast growing species, meaning we make drastic reductions on the trees to remove any potential hazards.

The trees needed a significant portion of the crown to be removed, which required accuracy to carefully drop them in the confined space of the garden.


These trees are very light weight that even a light wind can affect the direction that the branches can fall, so we utilised ropes to ensure they fell in the correct direction.


Once all the trees were reduced and the waste processed, they required a thinning of the remaining foliage. This will promote healthy re-growth.










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