Stump Grinding Oxford

Today we were carrying out stump grinding in Oxford.

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Why did this stump grinding in Oxford need doing?

This was a site that had been left to over grow.  The owners had purchased it about 15 years ago with the hope of developing on the land.  They now wanted to get surveyors in to check levels before the application was put in.

Of the stump grinder

Stump grinders come in all shapes & sizes when you are grinding stumps in Oxford.  We only use machines made by Predator but there are a few other good makes out there.  As ever the machine is only as good as the working end, the teeth.  Like a chainsaw there can be plenty of teeth left but unless the working edge is sharp, it puts extra strain on the machine & doesn’t really do the job.

We own a very bespoke cutter which is actually a chainsaw attachment.  It’s great for grinding through houses or where access is very limited.  It’s great to use on small to medium sized stumps.

The next size up is a self propelled machine by Predator & has a bit more weight in it, so can deal with bigger stumps but you are limited as to where you can take it.

The next size up are self propelled & tracked.  These need a trailer for transportation but can fit through a normal sized gate.


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