This client had recently moved into a new property where the previous owners had removed a row of large conifers from their front garden, but had left a row of ugly dead stumps on the border of path.

Stump Grinding Before

Before- The row of old stumps

Not only creating a bit of an eye sore, the remaining roots were creating issues with the grass in the area.

Using a motorised stump grinder, we were happy to help.

Stump Grinding After

After- The stumps and roots fully removed

The machine makes quick work of stumps, reducing the old wood to fine chippings. The chippings are left in place to break down and create vital nutrients into the soil.

With the stumps and problematic roots removed, and the fine chippings put in place to break down, the lawn has a chance to recover and plenty of room for the customer to plant a new hedge row.



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