Conifers can make a excellent green screen in a garden, but eventually they become an issue and may need removing.

This client was facing an issue in their garden. A long row of conifers were shading their garden, causing problems with their grass and flowerbeds.

Despite the clients best efforts to keep the trees under control, they had gotten too much. Action had to be taken.

The best option was removing the trees.

Due to the location of the conifers next to a fence, a careful approach was needed when felling the trees.

The trees were slowly and expertly felled taking great care of the clients fence and garden.

The next step was to process the felled trees for removal and green recycling. The client even gave us a hand dragging out some of the branches!


The result was fantastic, sunlight was now able to enter the garden at all times of the day, giving it a chance to recover.


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