Tree Surgery Witney

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Why did this tree surgery in Witney need doing?

This customer was facing this situation, with the tree blocking the light into the front the house.

Holly is one of the densest native hardwood timbers. Lots or people do like it for turning one engraving, lots of customer sask to keep the wood for this reason. This wood is incredibly strong and can be used for all sorts of indoor cabinet making, door handles, veneers etc.

In your garden, holly can make an excellent hedge which provides a great home for an abundance of wildlife. Due to its twisty branches, the birds find it a safe haven and the prickles keep unwanted pests away. The odd Tree in a hedge line can make a very attractive proposition. It goes without saying that a holly Tree provides the brightest berries come the Christmas season.

As far as timber is oncerned, it burns well whether green or not, because of its oily content amongst other things.

As far as diseases are concerned, this wood is hardy, very little affects Holly and it is resistant to the worst of the diseases which is Honey Fungus because it spreads through the roots and is fairly hard to stop.

Due to the positioning of the tree, a very heavy reduction was needed. Thankfully, it can re-sprout from bare wood.

The tree was quickly brought back into order, with all the waste disposed of and the customer was very satisfied with the result.

Branching Out has also reduced holly trees in Banbury and Witney

Of the Holly

Holly is an interesting wood.  It’s incredibly hard, grows off bare wood. Amazingly these trees can live upto 300 years and grow upto 15m.

Firstly they are best known for winter decoration, they are ver green and offer colour all year round.

Secondly they are loved by all types of nature as Holly provides excellent cover and the berries which both are a source of food as well as colour through the winter months

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