Laurel hedging can be great as a quick way to produce an evergreen barrier for privacy or to block something that is unsightly. Reducing Laurel hedging in Banbury is no different to anywhere else in the county.  It is often seen around sceptic tanks, on golf courses on munipal zones.

Laurel grows off bare wood, is strong and can grow very wide, the formation of branches aren’t really conducive for birds to nest in, but we all know pigeons will nest almost anywhere because of their shallow nests and the fact thy don’t really care to much.

In this particular case, this Laurel was next to a coal bunker that the customer wanted to get rid of, they wanted to open up the view onto the road and wanted to let more light into the garage.

So it went from being 15ft just down to about 4 ft, all that was left was the main branches, within a month or two the buds were sprouting off th bare wood and a month later, th new leaves were showing.