This particular garden was owned by a couple who were going to go back so South Africa next year but they wanted the trees done now to let more light and give the impression that the garden was as big as it could look.

Sycamores really do grow like weeds and this one in Banbury was directly below some electricity wires which is problematic and dangerous. As we thinned it our and reduced it to the previous points, the amount of light and space in the garden was dramatic and the owners were delighted.

Sycamores really were one of those trees that were made to survive. Have you seen how their pods spread in the autumn, spinning like little helicopters in an attempt to survive as long as they can and produce as many trees as they can.

Sycamore is good burning wood and is one of the few woods that can burnt green which is good if you need to use it this winter.

Th Ash was much nearer the house and quite a large reduction of the branches needed undertaking here, by about 2 meters. Sadly this had been hit quite hard in the past and the only thing to do to it, was pollard it again. This tree had been allowed to grow to much before correct action was taken, now it is really not appropriate for its position.

Ash trees are a little snappy, and have sufffered greatly over the last 10 years from Ash Die back which is an air born disease which does kill trees. Although at 1 point it was thought that Ash Die back would wipe out Ash trees completely, thankfully, it has been restricted to the East part of the country and even there, at the moment, hasn’t been as devestating as it had threatened to be.