Tree Surgeon  Abingdon

Today we were doing the work of a tree surgeon in Abingdon.

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Why did the work of a tree surgeon in Abingdon, need doing?

This particular garden was owned by a foreign couple.  They were going to go back so South Africa next year but they wanted the trees done now.  The property was going to be let, so they wanted to let more light & give it some more space.


Of the ash

Ash trees are a common place feature of the UK landscape.  This one in Abingdon was directly below some electricity cables, which made it tricky. Firstly, we thinned it out and reduced it to the previous points.  Secondly we reduced it by 30% & thirdly, we removed the dead wood.  Carrying out the work of a tree surgeon in Abingdon is more common due to Ash Dieback.

Ash really were one of those trees that were made to survive. Lots of buds & pods to ensure their continued existence.

Ash is a great burning wood and is one of the few woods that can burnt green, so you’re good to go this winter.

This was a 2m reduction.. Sadly this had been hit quite hard in the past and the only thing to do to it, was pollard it again.

Ash trees are a little snappy, and have sufffered greatly over the last 10 years from Ash Die back which is an air born disease which does kill trees. Although at 1 point it was thought that Ash Die back would wipe out Ash trees completely, thankfully, it has been restricted to the East part of the country and even there, at the moment, hasn’t been as devestating as it had threatened to be.

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