A Cherry Tree Reduction

Today we were carrying out tree surgery in Oxford on a Cherry tree.  have the most wonderful bark and are lovely medium sized trees to have in any garden. But like all trees they do need managing and as was the case here, they didn’t have enough formative pruning and was allowed to get to big before work was allowed to take place on it.


We have been performing Tree surgery in Oxford for many years and this was another straight forward job. We also undertake Tree surgery in Witney and Tree surgery in Banbury.

The cherry must be one of the prettiest of our native trees, with its lovely blossom, beautiful bark and fruit which is striking in its colour in the autumn. Cherry does continue to survive not only from the seeds being spread and new trees growing up, mostly spread from birds. But last the way these trees sucker, it can make them very invasive indeed.

Cherry wood is fantastic and sought after for a variety of different uses. The timber is reasonably stable and is lovely to use as boards on bedroom floors as it gives off a warmth in its colour which is more heartening than maple and ash.

The fruit is highly desirable and that of wild cherry in particular.

Sadly cherry trees, like that of most trees from the genus of Prunus, suffer easily from diseases. In particular, bacterial canker which if it surrounds the whole tree, will be fatal. Deer are a huge fan of the leaves and so it has quite a battle to survive in its natural habitat.