Hedge Cutting Oxford

Today we were hedge cutting in Oxford

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Why did this hedge cutting need doing in Oxford?

Hedge work in Oxford is a very Common thing these days with the large amount of let properties. It is quite satisfying on jobs like this because you see the instant difference and improvement.

This privet was pushing out onto the pavement & needed restoring.  The good news is that privet grows off bare wood & is very hardy.

This well established Privot hedge & is a typical kind of job for us when it comes to hedge cutting in Oxford.


Of the Privet….

A vigorous, glossy leafed thin stemmed hedging that needs pruning at least once a year.  It grows off bare wood, as is the case here.  If left un trimmed it becomes a shaggy bush.  It has a small white, sweet smelling flower in the summer & a black small, balled fruit in the autumn.

privet grows in most conditions but is susceptible to Honey Fungus, leaf minor moths & aphids.  We have taken out a lot of this variety over the last couple of years because they have been blighted.


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