This lovely old apple tree, probably an original orchard Tree was just to big and to decayed to risk leaving it near, what was a new shed, which cost a lot money and had expensive tools in it. The Tree was tall for an Apple tree and multi stemmed, the chance of one of the main stems falling that way was quite high. Once Tree surgery oxford had completed the task, the man with the shed could sleep at night, there were no more apples to pick up, which is a shame, lots of light was let into the shed and the view down the valley was amazing. They also promised to plant another, a little further away from the shed.

If  you would like your tree removed in or around Oxford, Banbury and Witney please contact me

A lovely quote about fruit trees:

“…it is now time ro walk out of the woods into the fields a little, and to consider what advancement may be there likewise made by planting of the fruit tree”

How far back does the Apple Tree go, wasn’t it an Apple that was picked from the garden of Eden? I think Newton used in in the discovery of gravitation, although gravity had been there all the time. Nowadays there are hundreds of different types of Apple, used for many different things, especially cider.