Tree Surgery Witney

Today we were carrying out tree surgery in Witney

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Why did this tree surgery need doing in Witney?

This particular tree was 3 conifer stems. Where 3 separate stems join, technically it is then called a hedge. Some conifers grow at 3 ft a year.

Firstly, this job involved taking the conifers at least 3 ft below the wire, in certain places we took it to 5feet.  Secondly, it was on a busy road which we needed to take into account.  Thirdly,  the neighbours were a bit grumpy on the other side.

Of the fir…..

Amazingly there are 49 species of true fir. They normally have a main straight stem and then each year give off 2 lateral shoots every year. Like counting rings on the stem, counting the number of lateral shoots is a fairly accurate way to tell the age of a fir.

“A fir, for the first half dozen yeas, seems to stand, or at least make no considerable advance, but it is when thoroughly rooted, that it comes away miraculously”

The customer was delighted, I think it was his Christmas present to his wife, lucky her, who said romance was dead.

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