We have been carrying out Tree Surgery in Oxford for several years now and cover each quarter of the county.

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This job was a combination of a number of factors. It had been very windy one night, there was a bit of snow which would have added to the weight on the Tree and Cherry/Plum are prone to disease and weakness in their limbs. This Tree was on the boundary of a residential property in north oxford, where we carry out a lot of Tree surgery and it fell into a College Post Grad housing block, into an open garden, there wasn’t any chance of any damage to buildings or people but the owner of the tree wanted it sorting out as quickly as possible.

Cherry Plum is a hardy and small Tree often found in hedge rows, growing wild. It’s one of the first trees to flower in the Spring. There are several different variants and sub species. These often have thorns on which is a bit of a surprise and nasty to work with. These trees are often pollarded and then, as ever, throw several shoots out which spoil the original shape of the Tree, but there is little you can do about the shape once it’s been pollarded, Just try and thin it. The added problem here is that the unions are week and therefore this makes the tree weaker and prone to this sort of windfall happening.