We were asked by an estate agent, on behalf of the Land Lord to remove Aline of trees so that she could put a fence in to Keep down on the maintenance costs of having the trees looked after.

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There was a real mix in this line of trees, many self seeded, a medium sized ash tree, holly and lots of other stuff which just needed to come out so we could then grind out the roots and make the line good for the contractor to put the fence in.

This property backed onto South Park, which is a wonderful open space and full of specimen trees, mostly Oaks. However I think the saplings (be them 20ft tall) Just on the other side of the fence had originally been dropped by birds, the owner asked us to cut those as well, we were happy to oblige.

There was a shed in the way which we needed to to take care of, a patio with split levels and 3 students in the house who liked to sleep in.

Day 1 was removing the smaller stuff and most, in fact all of this was done from ground level. Steve gave me a hand with this and did the Chipping while I did the cutting. There was a nasty wire fence in the way which entangled some of the growth , but we carefully cut it out and away. So by the end of this day, all was down, except the large ash Tree and a few other small bits.

Day 2 involved grinding the stumps out, Steve did this while I dismantled the large ash, we were up against it time wise but we go there in the end.

I did need to go back for a third day and do some clearing up by myself but we did get there.