Reducing a Sycamore

Today we were carrying out tree surgery in Oxford. This was in the neighbours garden and because of how quickly Sycamores can grow, it was blocking a lot of light out of what was a narrow and small 

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Why did this work need doing?

We had actually done tree surgery here 3 years ago and for the sake of the tree had suggested a 30% reduction and a thin, if we had taken any more off, it would have caused to much epicormic growth or water shoots.

This time, the owner wanted the tree removed.  Firstly it was damaging the cars on the drive.  Secondly the roots were causing damage to the pavement.


Of the Sycamore

Sycamores like the Ash grow like weeds in this country and one of the reasons that they self seed so easily is because of the way their seeds disperse and settle to put down roots elsewhere. They have “helicopters” which can travel quite a distance and one tree can have several hundred seed pods. This is why you see them self set along hedge lines and shooting up in lawns given half a chance.

The Sycamore makes a handsome tree in a large open space. It isn’t meant for small domestic gardens but large parklands.  They grow very large and have wide canopies, so we always advise to have a professional tree surgery from Oxford.

This is a great burning wood but unlike Ash, needs to be seasoned.  The wood does split very easily and looks clean.  Thankfully there are not many diseases attacking Sycamores, unlike “Ash die back” which is destroying thousands of ash trees around the country at the moment



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