Tree Surgery Oxford

Today we are doing Tree Surgery in Oxford. We enjoy spending time at the homes of people who love their gardens and want to make the most of them.

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This job was for a friend who moved into his parents house when they moved into a home. Steve remembers planting this tree as a 3 foot feature and before he know it 15 years later, it was blocking light.  It was annoying the neighbours and taking up a lot of space.  The  job itself wasn’t to tricky but there was a public path running along side it which we had to allow for. The neighbours had been very generous and allowed us to put our vehicles near their garage which made the drag easier.

It’s great doing work for friends, you can catch up on stuff and have a nice relaxed morning together.


A little about conifers.

Conifers  are one of the oldest trees to have survived this planet. There are many types of fir and this includes the Christmas tree. True firs can extend more than 64m which is huge, you need a professional arborist for this work.  However, firs in domestic gardens never reach this size. The size of the fir we take down in Oxford and rarely exceed 20m. Lleylandii are the fastest growing firs and they grow at least 3 feet a year, on top of this is the increase of the width of the trunk and the increase in the size of the tree in general.

Firs in this country have no great use for anything at all. The wood is light and weak, it burns quick and gives off no real heat, the wood splits easily and doesn’t fair well outdoors.


What to do next?

Would you like an arborist in Oxford.  Call us on 07813 878220 or fill out our contact form by clicking here


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