Stump grinding in Kennington is a part of our core business.  But we also stump grind in Witney, Abingdon and the Cotswolds.  But today we’re talking about Stump grinding in Kennington.

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Trying to grind stumps out by hand is a waste of time, it will break your back and you probably won’t be able to do the job anyway, we’ll that’s what I found out many years ago….

So why bother grinding out a stump in oxfordshire?  Well it will give you more space and a chance to create something new.  Also some trees come back with a vengeance when they’re cut ie. Eucalyptus, Willow & Hazel, to name but a few.  So to avoid having unsightly growth, grinding out the stump would be the best option.

This family had just brought a lovely big house and wanted to grind out about 20 stumps.  This was the job for the stump grinding in Kennington.  For this we used a combination of different sized matches, for power, the big fella but also a bespoke narrow access machine for the hard to reach areas.

Stump grinding in Kennington  is a specialised activity, the teeth have to be spot on for the machine not to wear out or indeed the operator.  Machines have changed quite a lot over the years to compensate for trying to reduce “user fatigue”.  The manual machines now have a 45 degree swivel which helps a lot and the machine we used for stump grinding in Kennington was a beast of machine with plenty of power.  We also use a mid range machine for smaller stumps, a chainsaw attachment machine which is very bespoke and for the really big boys, a remote control machine which only requires a work out on the thumbs.