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We have been doing Tree Surgery in Oxford for over 15 years.  We are experts in carrying out work for private households

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This large Sycamore was blocking out so much light and leaving sap all over the cars.  The owners decided they wanted it removed

This was an involved job, over a busy road. It was a mature tree and we took it down to ground level.  It let the light in for the first time in years, into their kitchen window.

A few factoids about the Sycamore.

The Sycamore is a beautiful tree, commonly found in the UK.  We often do work on them when doing tree surgery in Oxford.  During the winter you will see balls hanging from the twigs in the tree, this is why it is also know as the “button ball” or “buttonwood”, I must admit I have never come across these 2 later names.  The tree is known for its striking bark, not quite as pronounced as the London Plain but it is still camouflaged and does peel off to reveal white wood.  The enormous size they can reach, is why in this case it needed to be removed, just to big and invasive roots which do damage to surface features.  Older streets do still have Sycamores but unlike London Planes and Limes, they can’t be pollarded easily.  The wood is excellent for burning and splits easily, so is a sought after wood for pyromaniacs, like myself.

The regular team did this job, a good bunch of guys.  Most of the branches needed to be “rigged”, this means a rope put around them , cut and lowered, this was by far the safest way of carrying this out.

Fortunately we were able to chip on site and this saved us some time.   Allthe wood had to go, my friends were delighted

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