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We have been going tree surgery in Oxford in a happy team of 3 for over 15 years.

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Tree Surgery – reducing Acers, an Elder and “clearing” the boundary.

We only provide a friendly service to private households in Oxford.

Here we were reducing Acers, an Elder and making the boundary good so neighbours could drive their cars on the lane behind the garden without the trees brushing on them.

Acers – are more commonly know as Maples and originate from Asia, there are over 130 types.  During Autumn in the UK, Acers give the most glorious display of colour and mat well be the most stunning of all.  The wood is quite thin hard to stand in, as the trees mature, many are co-dominant in their stems and quite weak, similar to prunus.  But I must say I enjoy doing tree work in these sorts of trees.

There is no value in the wood as timber and therefore is only true value is in its magnificent display of  colour.  Tree surgery Oxford.

The Elder and “clearing the boundary were straight forward.  This type of tree surgery, is easy cutting, it is a very weak wood and grows like a weed.  This one has grown hard against their lovely garden building and so we had to cut it back hard so that the new growth would be away from the building, grow to be flexible and thin.

All growth along the back lane was taken to healthy growth points and the conifer was cut back as hard as it could be without cutting into the brown which would kill it and look awful.

The Almond –

This was a lovely tree in the front garden but it was growing too wide into the drive and over the fence towards the neighbour

Would you like tree surgery in Oxford.  Call us on 07813 878220 or fill out our contact form by clicking here

For this tree work, we decided to lift the crown a little and bring in the branches, then remove the branches that were crossing over and rubbing, so the bark doesn’t become rubbed and removed.  Finally we reduced the crown by about a third, to leave the canopy looking balanced.  We were all very pleased with the overall result and look forward to it budding and being healthy, next Spring and beyond….

A fun poem about wood for burning

Birch wood fires burn bright and clear,
If the logs are kept a year.
Oaken logs burn steadily,
If the wood is old and dry.
But Ash, dry or green,
Makes a fire fit for a queen.

Logs of Birch wood burn to fast
That’s a fire that will not last!
Chestnut is only good they say
If for long it’s laid away
But ash new or ash old


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