Reducing a large Laurel hedge in Oxford.

Today we were doing tree surgery in Oxford.  We were reducing a large Laurel hedge on a dangerous road, where access to the parking was precarious.

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Why did this tree surgery in Oxford, need doing?

This work needed doing for one of several reasons, firstly the owners couldn’t safely get out of their drive as they were on a very fast junction from a main road.

Secondly, the height of the hedge made it very difficult, for the owners to manage it themselves

Thirdly, the height of hedge was totally blocking a window and a road sign.


Why do people plant Laurel hedging?

Laurel can come in many forms, Portuguese Laurel seems to be in fashion at the moment, a smaller leaf from the typical Laurel and less “bulky” as it matures.  You will then need to call us back to carry out more tree surgery in Oxford.

The Laurel leaf grows off bare wood which means it can be cut very hard and it will recover.

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Laurels are great as they grow really quickly and can give you the cover and privacy you need.  There are several different types of Laurel and the great thing is that you can buy them at several different heights, so depending on your budget, you can get an instant barrier.

The down side of growing Laurels in a small domestic garden is that they can grow very wide and take up a lot of room, so it’s important to choose your type carefully and if indeed Laurel is the right specimen for you….