Removing a dangerous Robinia.

We have been carrying out tree surgery in Oxford for over 15 years.

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Why did this tree surgery in Oxford need carrying out?

This Robinia was lost in the bottom right corner of a large garden in Oxford.  This tree did have 4 stems of which 2 were dead.  This tree surgery included 2 large branches were co dominant from the base and were growing at 45 degree angles over 2 other gardens.  Apart from the danger aspect of a branch failing, this type of tree is brittle and so has a lot of branch drop.  The thorns on the branches are also poisonous, all in all not many good reasons to keep this tree. However it does have fantastic pale yellow leaf and the silhouette it gives in the dark is beautiful at night.


Of the Robinia – tree surgery Oxford

Tree surgery Oxford and tree work Oxford

Robinia’s are native to North America, part of the Fabacea family.  They can and do grow pretty big, from 4-25m.  They are often the last to bud in Spring, so one of the last to lose their leaves in the Autumn.  The flowers are a bit like that of Laburnum and Wysteria.

This tree doesn’t seem to have much use for nature as the main tree has toxins in it which are poisonous.  This can be dangerous when crying out tree surgery but on the plus they can provide food for moths and caterpillars.

Tree surgery on Robinia’s needs care as anything over a small reduction produces an ugly “pollard’ type re-growth

This is a fun poem, to tell you which logs burn well and which ones don’t:

Birch wood fires burn bright and clear,
If the logs are kept a year.
Oaken logs burn steadily,
If the wood is old and dry.
But ashdry or green,
Makes a fire fit for a queen.

Logs of Birch wood burn to fast
That’s a fire that will not last!
Chestnut is only good they say
If for long it’s laid away
But ash new or ash old
Is then fit for a queen with a crown of gold