Reducing a row of trees along a boundary of a sports fielder

Today we were doing tree work, reducing trees.  These belonged to a private household but overhung a busy sports field.  The owners did have a “duty of care”  to the public.  In addition for cars at the sports field and the buildings.

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Who is legally responsible for tree work?

Firstly if damage were to happen the land owner is responsible.   They may be found guilty if someone is injured or dies as a result of them falling.  This also applies to property, be it buildings or cars etc.

Secondly, if the club wanted to undertake work on branches on their side, they are allowed to do so upto the boundary line.  The letter of the law is that they are meant to offer the branches to the owner but I’ve never seen that happen in all the years I’ve been doing tree work.

In this situation, the owner kindly and rightly took the “duty of care” upon herself and generously paid for the work to be done along the boundary line, without quibble.


Of the Sycamore –

When we were carrying out this tree work in Oxford, most of the line were Sycamores.  They had grown very thin and spindly, due to the number in the line, all competing for the light and the fight for survival.

These trees are amazing at survival and are recognisable by their helicopter pods.  This is survival at its best, what evolution, designing itself to fly and reseed itself.

Amazing that the Sycamore can survive for upto 400 years, but they can have problems when reaching this size.  The roots are extensive and intrusive to footpaths and buildings.  The tree itself drops a lot of branches, leaves and waste.

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