Re-shaping an apple tree and bringing the garden into seasonal order.

Today we were carrying out Tree Surgery in Oxford. If you need tree work being done, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Re-pollarding an apple tree – tree surgery Oxford

This was an original orchard tree from when this land would have been used for agricultural purposes.  It’s a shame it hasn’t really been looked after, as it’s lost it’s “bowl” shape.  When you prune a traditional apple tree, you should be able to throw your hat in the middle without it getting held up

Firstly, we cleared the middle, as best we could.  Secondly we took out the long poles and tried to leave the buds on the ends so the fruit could be picked.

Of The apple.

First;y, if you want an apple to bear good fruit, it is recommended that you have 2 different varieties within 50ft of each other for a high chance of pollination.

Secondly, to bare fruit, for dwarf varieties it can only take 2-3 years to fruit, on large trees it can take upto 8.

Thirdly, many trees will produce fruit every year whilst some like a more relaxed attitude and produce fruit every 2 years.

Re-claiming the garden

This was a let property, where the tenants were students.  Although one of them was keen, she couldn’t carry out tree surgery here or get rid of the waste.

Firstly, we cut back the Lilacs which had grown far to big.  These had grown very wide as well, so a lot of “taming” was required.  Secondly, we clean a lot of waste that had been dumped over the years, sadly it looked a real mess.  But after us carrying out some tree surgery in Oxford, it was looking a lot better.

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