Reducing Conifers in Oxford

Today we were carrying out tree work in Oxford.

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Why did this work need doing?

This specific work needed doing for a number of reason:

Firstly, the conifer hedging had got that big that the owners could no longer manager it themselves.  Secondly, the longer you leave conifers, the more unruly they become, so it’s best to keep them in check every 7 or 8 years.  Thirdly, they were being good neighbours.  There was a lovely old chap next door who didn’t want branches breaking out onto his garage roof and was very appreciative of the extra light.

Birds and nesting – tree surgery Oxford.

The fourth reason needs a paragraph all to itself.  There comes a time in the year when the weather is warmer and birds want to start nesting.

There is important law around nesting birds and doing tree surgery in Oxford.  This obviously applies to anywhere in the UK.  You see all birds, eggs, nests and chicks are legally protected.  This brings an added dimension to people doing tree surgery and building projects.

Often you don’t know that there is a nest in a tree until it’s to late.  Conifers, especially are tight and very thick, the same is true with hedging and Laurels

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