Reducing hedges in Oxford before the birds start to nest.

Today we were doing hedge cutting in Oxford

If you need a tree cutting done in Oxford, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here

Why we were doing this work.

Sadly these hedges had been neglected and left to get a bit out of control.  The owners could no longer manage them so called in the professional to carry out hedge cutting in Oxford.

Why do hedges need cutting before birds start nesting?

It is really important that hedges are cut in the spring before birds start nesting, for several reasons.  Firstly eggs, birds and nests are protected by law, secondly we don’t want to have to come across a nest which we couldn’t help not see before we started the work.  Thirdly, if we do disturb a nest, it is very unlikely the parents will return to the nest, the chicks then won’t survive and effectively starve to death

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