Giving more light & space – doing tree work in Oxford.

Today we were carrying tree work in Oxford.

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Why did this tree work need doing?

This lovely family moved in just before Christmas.  Firstly they concentrated on the house and now they are thinking about their garden.  They are ahead of the game, most people don’t remember they’ve got a back garden until Easter…. Now it was the time for tree work in Oxford.

So what did we do.

Firstly we lowered the height of the hedge at the far end of the garden, this let in more light.

Secondly, we took out a couple of old apple trees that didn’t really add any value.  They were making that far end of garden “too busy”.  Now, there is much more room, the Cherry tree and Silver Birch will flourish.

Thirdly, we took out a further 4 small apple trees.  They were all beaten by the wind and mis shapen so they wanted to start again – fair enough.

Fourthly, we took out some hawthorns, reshaped some Hazel’s and Reduced a Magnolia


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