Tree Work and stump Grinding in Oxford.

Today we were doing tree work and stump grinding in Oxford.

If you need a tree work or stump grinding being done in Oxford, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why Did this stump grinding need doing?

Firstly, this family had lived in the house for over 9 months.  They had tried doing their own tree work & stump grinding.

Secondly, trying to do it themselves, they found they just couldn’t deal with the green waste.  The council would only take so much and their brown bin filled up very quickly.

Thirdly, they didn’t have the right tools or experience.

Why was this tricky tree work and stump grinding job?

This was a little more involved than most jobs for the following reasons:

Firstly, we didn’t really know what we were dealing with, everything was so over grown.

Secondly, it was into March when we did the work and the birds were thinking about nesting.  There is comprehensive law around nesting birds and carrying out tree work or nor carrying it out, more to the point.

Thirdly, the owners were losing their privacy as soon as the hedging was removed and people’s curtains tend to twitch more when something is changed.

Fourthly, the owners needed to find a fencing company that would put the fence up almost immediately after we were done.

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