Tree work Oxford

We have been doing tree work in Oxford for over 16 years.

If you need a tree work or stump grinding being done in Oxford, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why both doing work on trees?

Firstly, you have a duty of care to make sure you’re trees are safe.

Secondly, you need to dead wood and reduce branches to keep them helthy

Other reasons include, needing to make more space, removing dead, dangerous or diseased trees.

Lime Trees –

Popular in church yards, often pollarded as massive amounts of epicormic growth come back.  This wood is a poor burning wood as low heat output and large amounts of smoke.

However, it has been used by carvers over the centuries for not only small figures but large statues as well, it’s fine grain and soft texture makes it ideal.

Tilia is the genus name and there are about 30 varieties.  This is one of our native tree.

How involved was this job?

This job was for friends. There was lots of climbing, a horse chestnut and some fruit trees.

As ever, there were a couple of additions, so this involved a large decayed stem being removed, the wood taken away and the stump ground out.

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