Tree Surgery – Removing Conifers.

Today we were carrying out tree work in Oxford.

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Why did this forest work need doing?

This was a big job in an interesting situation.

Firstly, the trees had no previous work done on them so the ;likely hood of them snapping out was high, especially in the winter storms.

Secondly, they had been planted about 70 years ago, at that point, well away from the boundary.  But now the stems are huge and not only damaging the wall but also the pavement.


Of the Conifer

A tree that bares cones or has needle like or scale like leaves are most likely to be conifers, they are ever green.

Conifers are typically but oddly, not always evergreen.  They are some of the oldest trees and belong to the oldest plant group – gynosperm.

Most conifers have needle like leaves like the pine, larch, spruce

Ginkgo trees, redwoods, pine trees and Douglas fir are all types of

Conifers are of major importance as the source of softwood, as a bi product theysupply resins and turpentine.


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