Tree work Oxford – tree cutting & stump grinding.

Today we were asked by a lovely chap who lived near Headington Quarry to help him with his garden.  He moved into the house over a year ago and had concentrated on his extension.  Now it was time for the tree work in Oxford

With spring being here, the birds thinking about nesting & the sap rising, we were keen to get this work done.

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Firstly, we were keen to expose the heritage of this garden because it was in an old part of Oxford.  This included exposing the old stone walls that had been covered over by ‘Old Man’s Beard”.  This exposed a lovely old wall which had lots of character & made a real feature to the garden.

Pruning apple trees – Oxford

Secondly, this garden used to be part of a much bigger orchard, as was most of Oxford, a radius of more than 2 miles outside of the City.  These 3 remaining trees were lovely.  We carefully cleared the middle of each tree, removed the dead wood (which we put aside for the owner as it looked quite “arty”) & made selective prunes to thin each tree in a balanced way.  We were keen not to make unnecessary cuts as we didn’t want to much re growth on old trees, it would have looked awful.

Secondly there was “old Man’s Beard, coming from one neighbour & stretching right the way across, into the garden on the far side.  We’d never seen it like this before, so thick & established, swamping trees (now dead ones).  This must have been a haven for birds, to our delight , we didn’t come across any nests.

Thirdly, there were several dead trees & a broken tree that had fallen across into the neighbours garden.  These all got dealt with & the stumps were ground out.

That just left the clean up & leaving all arisings neatly in situ.  So much more light & space & the hope for new things.  Below are 2 very useful contacts if you’d like to replant your garden & support encourage good use of outdoor spaces: