Tree Surgeon Abingdon

Today our work was being carried out by a tree surgeon in Abingdon.

If you need a tree surgeon in Abingdon, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why did this work need doing?

This property was owned by a lovely couple on a country estate, an end house with substantial grounds and lots of hedging on many varying levels. This tree work in Abingdon was rewarding because they were lovely people.

Their old gardener had moved on, and there was too much work for them to safely do by themselves.  The birds had stopped nesting and there was sufficient new growth to warrant bringing these hedges into seasonal order.

The reason I’ve put this under tree surgery was because the conifers needed reducing with a chainsaw as oppose to just removing the seasonal growth with a hedge cutter.

Other areas had lost their original height as well and this is why we were employed as a tree surgeon in Abingdon.

Conifers can be quite nasty to work in, they can be awkward to climb, are very dry & snappy.


The law & nesting birds

Other useful contacts

Nicholsons Nursery are a great company to ask for advice, they are friendly & so knowledgeable.  They have a lovely hurt for good coffee & lunch if you fancy an extra treat.

This charity is amazing.  They do all sorts of things to get people involved with the outdoors and nature.  What is more exciting is there will be 1 near you.