Tree Work Oxford

Today we were doing tree work in Oxford, reducing  a Beech hedge.

If you need tree work being done in Oxford, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why did this tree work need doing?

Firstly, this was a lovely Beech hedge at a large property, north of the City.  The owners had spent so much time having work on the house, the garden & trees had become neglected. Secondly, they were going to ask the builders to do this tree work in Oxford but it was well worth spending extra money having this hedged renovated properly.  If it was done badly with lots of stubbs being left and not a lot of leaf being left, it would not only shorten the life of the hedge but it would look awful, in a prominent position.

North Oxford has 2 very prominent roads, one is the Woodstock Road & the other is the Banbury Road.

Of The Beech….

Beech is a wonderful wood, strong with a little flexibility. The Latin name for Beech is Fagus Sylvatica. Beech wood is used for furniture and is an excellent burning wood, it gives off a lot of heat & doesn’t burn very quickly.  It’s well liked because it doesn’t mark very easily because it’s so hard


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