Tree Surgeon Oxford


Today we were needed to do the work of a tree surgeon in Oxford.

If you a tree cut in Oxford, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why did this tree surgery in Oxford need doing?

This private house was owned by a lovely couple who not only had an older child but also had just had twins.  They had done the work on the house & now needed some help with the garden.  They need a man cave/office at the bottom of the garden and so there was a lot to clear & grind out.

Firstly, we needed to clear the low lying shrubs, brambles and the odd dead tree in the first section to be cleared.

Secondly there were some lager trees at the back of the garden.  This was the work which required tree surgeons from Oxford.   There was some technical climbing to be done which needed a skilled and competent arborist.

Thirdly, once all the brash had been cleared & chipped, we could then grind the stumps.


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