Tree Surgery Oxford

Today we were carrying out tree surgery in Oxford.

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Why this this tree surgery in Oxford need doing?

This garden was in a narrow garden where access was tricky.  The garden had become unruly & needed a tree surgeon in Oxford.

This garden had been left to become wild.  A tree surgeon had not been to this house in Oxford for a very long time.

Alder trees are being used more & more as trees in city’s. Firstly, these trees are hardy to pollution and secondly, grow relatively straight & remain healthy against current diseases.  Climbing & doing work on these trees is easy for tree surgeons in Oxford.

Other work in this garden included, reducing a Laurel,


Of the Alder…

Alder trees (Alnus) are on the up.  They are often used in reforestation projects and although not as common as the Plane as an amenity tree, they are becoming more popular.

They can be easily recognised by there fruit, this is called a strobile, it looks a bit like the fruit of the Birch but is shorter & harder.


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