Tree Surgery Oxford

Today we were carrying out tree surgery in Oxford.

If you a hand with a tree, hedge or a root, please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why did this tree surgery need carrying out?

Firstly the owner was looking at his garden and everything else looked green but this tree was brown and the middle of summer.

Secondly, when I had a look with him, we saw a fruiting bracket on the tree. This means there is something going on inside, often, not good.

Thirdly if we didn’t do something about it in reasonable time, we wouldn’t be able to climb the tree as it wouldn’t be safe.

of the Betula (Birch)

The  Silver Birch is one of my most favourite trees.  Firstly, I like the shape and elegance, secondly the dappled shade and bristle in the wind & thirdly at night their silhouette is unmatched.

These are medium sized deciduous trees and when mature can reach 30m in height.  They can grow in reasonably poor soil but do need a lot of light to thrive.  Rarely do they reach 150 years.  Personally this tree was getting on a bit, if you can’t get your arms around a tree so that they are touching, you know you’re dealing with a big one, alright.

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