Stump Grinding Abingdon

Today we were grinding out stumps in Abingdon.

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Why did this stump grinding need doing in Abingdon?

This work was badly needed as the trees had grown to big for the area. They I had been left while the new building work was done and really should have been dealt with as part of the project.

Firstly the trees were old and messy, so they had to be removed.

Secondly the stumps needed completely being removed as the customer wanted to put something new in their place. This is why we did this stump grinding in Abingdon

Thirdly, we had to be very careful as there was an internet cable to consider.

Commonly asked stump questions

Firstly, is it better to grind or leave the stump.  Really it depends on where the stump is. If it is in the middle of the lawn, it’s better to remove it, it won’t then damage the mower, you won’t slip on it and it won’t look unsightly.

Secondly, if the stump is ground it can lead to fungus growth and if you replant, this may cause problems.


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